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" A great spiritual revolution is exploding throughout the earth. Pyramid Spiritual Societies Movement of India is a significant part of this giant change  "



" All the body-mind human beings must become body-mind-soul beings , Humanity has to take this quantum jump . This is where the science of meditation chips in. "



" All physical afflictions are because of mental worries. All mental worries are because of intellectual immaturity. Intellectual immaturity is because of lack of spiritual energy, lack of spiritual wisdom. "



" Animals are always happy and serene , You can never see a 'sad' animal . Every member of the animal kingdom knows that death is an inevitable phenomena . Every animal being automatically understands not to expect anything from other beings . Every animal being perfectly understands that everything happens according to nature's laws . "



" As soon as a disastrous thought arises in the mind… it should be snubbed off immediately . We should constantly sweep our minds off of all the disastrous thoughts. All the disasters in our life are happening solely because of our own disastrous thinking. "



" As our mind is… so will be our life. Our life is the sum total resultant of whatever we have ever intended in the whole of the hoary past... and whatever we are currently, in this life time, now, intending.  "



" Breath is the great gate-way for the third eye activation. Third Eye is synonymous with the essence of soul. "



" Currently the earth is in the midst of a most special journey. The whole earth is moving into a specific galactic photon band zone… a high cosmic energy zone. The transit of our solar system into this photon band started in the year 1987 and it would be completed by December 21st, 2012. "



" Consciousness is the fundamental verity . Thought is a function of consciousness . Energy is the product of thought . And, finally, matter is the crystallization of energy  "



" Doing meditation, reading books on meditation, listening to others' meditational experiences… these are the three grand requirements in the Practice of Meditation. "



" Diseases are primarily because of prior negative karma. Until and unless the negative karma is neutralized, the disease will not vanish. No medicine will be of any help. Materials cannot clear negative karma. It is impossible. Only learned lesions can clear negative karma. "



" Every thought that we think, every word that we utter, and every action that we do with our physical body… becomes a ‘cause’ and creates appropriate conditions which are called as ‘effects’. "



" Everybody should read more of Buddha's Teachings… the wonderful four noble truths . The middle path and the eight-fold path are the quintessence of Buddha's teachings. Everybody should read the new testament of Jesus Christ. Every body should read the Bhagawad Gita. We should methodically incorporate all the teachings in our daily lives. "



" Everything depends solely and absolutely on how our mind is . We have to understand the law... that 'the outer is created through the inner'. The 'outer' manifests itself through the clarity of inner intent, through the strength of the inner intent. "



" Human evolution is so designed that, in the first phase, we develop a strong separate-hood, a strong ego-hood. And then, in the second phase, we have to make equal efforts to erase the separateness, erase the ego. These are the two imperative phases in the evolution of the human species. In these two phases, the humans differ vastly from animals. "



" Hundreds and thousands of pyramid masters are spreading the message of meditation to all the nooks and corners of Andhra Pradesh… going around all the villages and towns. Similar things are happening in the States of Karnataka, Maharashtra, Madhya Pradesh, Tamil Nadu, Kerala, Uttaranchal, Delhi, Andaman etc. "



" How many life-times will we watch simply others' greatness, others' enlightenment ? How many life-times will we sing songs, praise others' meditation and others' enlightenment ? If we sing songs praising others' meditation and others' enlightenment, will our personal problems be solved ? Only our personal meditation, our personal enlightenment, can solve our personal problems. "



" If we eat the flesh of the animals by killing them, shedding the blood, giving much pain to the animal gods, we got to pay for it. There are so many reasons why we should never kill animals. Killing animals is very very bad karma. "



" Law of Karma is the most important law, which a beginner in the field of Spiritual Science should at once understand . Unless we understand the Law of Karma, we will never generate right and proper karma . "



" Let's remember that prayer is not meditation; and meditation is not prayer. They are as distant to each other as the North Pole is to the South Pole. "



" Meditation alone gives access to truth. It gives access to our departed friends… who are on the other side. We are all on this side. Death makes us go on to the other side, to go into the next room.  "



" Meditation can be done in any comfortable sitting posture . Hands should be clasped and eyes closed. Routine thoughts of the mind should be cut right away, as and when they arise, and attention should constantly be brought back to the chosen task at hand, i.e., being consciously with the breath. "



" Meditational Energy should be the main source of vitality for the physical body… not food. Meditation is the process of silencing the mind. If a given mind is incessantly wasting its energy, the physical body is depleted of energy and becomes susceptible to attacks… by various bacteria and viruses. The result is a diseased body. "



" Meditation gives success in life, efficiency in life, fulfillment in life, vibrance in life, peace in life, and harmony in life . "



" Meditation is being with our own self, loving our own self, spending time with our own self. Understanding the Law of Karma means immediately becoming a vegetarian, becoming a meditator and understanding once for all that, we alone are responsible for creating our particular realities. "



" Meditation is the greatest gift given by our own efforts to our own lives . We can give so much to ourselves . We sit quietly for one or two hours. We are deep into meditation… into a thought-free zone of the mind. Oh,  What a wonderful thing meditation is , it has to be experienced , it has to be tasted . "



" Meditation, in its final essence, means the activation of the inner senses. The third-eye symbolizes the totality of the inner senses. "



" Meditation means losing our body consciousness, to a smaller or greater extent. Meditation means losing our mind/intellect consciousness totally. Meditation means dwelling happily in our soul consciousness… which is the purity of original consciousness itself. "



" Meditation should be undertaken regularly, and for thirty to forty five minutes at least every day. Any time, and any place, is perfectly okay for meditation.  "



" Mind is thrilled with creative activity; intellect is thrilled with the vision of the truth; the soul is thrilled with an experience of the truth. "



" Nobody is our saviour . We got to save ourselves from our own disastrous thinking… from our own negative thinking.  Disastrous thoughts breed disasters. Negative thoughts breed failures. "



" No doctor can help us,  No hospital can help us, No drug can help us, Only meditation will help us, Only vegetarianism will help us. "



" No mantra is to be chanted.  No form of any deity is to be entertained. Hatha yoga pranayama practices like holding one’s breath… i.e., kumbhaka… should never be attempted. "



" Only one thing counts, That is the breath, In the matter of the breath too… unnatural and artificial practices are not allowed, Witnessing the natural, normal, easy soft breathing… only that is allowed.  "



" Our reality has two aspects... 'known smaller reality' and 'unknown greater reality'… 'known smaller reality' is like a pin-head and 'unknown greater reality' is like a big mountain. What we are is really the big mountain . However, we think we are the pin-head, We delude ourselves as absolutely fallible and we dwell in utter ignorance.  "



" Only through meditation, only through enlightenment, only through hearing others’ life experiences, do we come to know of our own grand self, our own universal self, our own cosmic self. That is becoming a Master.  "



" Once we become a master, we end the chain of births and deaths. Our particular course on the earth becomes completed. We don't have to be born again. However, we may come to the earth… now and then… to teach others, or to be an example for others. On the successful completion of our human experience, we get promoted to higher worlds. We may begin to create our own under-selves. We may even create new worlds, new planets, new galaxies… depending upon the amount of our personal energy  . "




Prayer is like an out-post. Meditation is like the central headquarters. Go for the central headquarters… not for the out-post. "



" Pyramid Spiritual Societies Movement is a part of the world-wide New Age Spiritual Revolution. It is a movement leading humanity from violence to non-violence… from non-vegetarianism to vegetarianism… from blind belief to scientific experimentation and scientific logic… from insane materialism to sane spirituality  . "



" Sow justice, reap justice . Sow injustice, reap injustice . "



The body-mind is a product of the society's mind, while the soul resides in the physical body. The interactive, fuzzy area between the soul and the world is called as the mind.



The cause of disease in the body is…ever… the mind losing its energy. A haphazard mind, a jungle-like mind, is the actual source of all disease.



The law concerning the power of thought is put simply as 'As we think, so it becomes' , 'As our intent is, so is the manifestation'. The outer manifestation depends upon the inner intent.



The Law of Karma boils down to becoming a vegetarian immediately and at once. If we have not yet become a vegetarian, it means we are not even standing at the portals of the Kingdom of God.



The mind has to be with the breath. That is the bottom-line. If the mind is not with the breath, the mind does not become empty. "



The mind rules over the matter totally and completely. The mental attitudes of the suffering patients have to be reformed, the roots have to be totally changed. Unless a new thinking pattern emerges, the old problems will never vanish.



The moment we become masters of meditation, life becomes such a continuous joy, such a continuous celebration. All ill-health disappears, we become natural leaders of people around. We become natural friends of everybody and every being. 



The more we do meditation, the less we require sleep. The more we meditate… the less we require food. More food for the consciousness means less food/sleep requirement for the body.



The Practice of Meditation… is very simple; and so very straightforward. Keep the eyes closed, Be with the breath. Just be with the breath. Just be with the natural rhythm of the breath. No mantras whatsoever.No sounds from the mouth whatsoever. Keep the mouth shut .



The physical body is the natural shadow of the mind… in its totality. Everything is psycho-somatic. Our whole life is literally an expression of psycho-somatism. The psyche creates the soma. If we take care of the psyche, we have taken care of the soma. " 



The science of meditation is very simple. 'When we are with the breath, the mind becomes empty…', this is the first law of the science of meditation.



The world is such a beautiful place. We are in the midst of a mighty spiritual revolution and all the pyramid masters are doing a mighty job.



Thoughts need power to reach their targets. In a restless state of mind, thoughts are produced with least power. Therefore, they don't reach their particular targets. However, in the presence of a restful and tranquil state of mind, thoughts acquire great power and all intents get dramatically actualized.



To go into meditation, we have to drop prayer… lock, stock and barrel .



Today's age is the pyramid age. If we travel… in our meditation… to the other galaxies and visit the other galactic civilizations and communities… we will find pyramids everywhere.



We alone are responsible for our physical existence. We choose our own particular parents. We choose our own particular environment for our own particular Spiritual Progress.



We are all born with a purpose, with a mission, with a design, with a plan. Only the spiritually wise can understand and be aware of their particular purpose, mission, design and plan in their lives.



We are the producers of our thoughts. We are the creators of our intents. We are the directors of our actions. Nobody else saves us.



We choose among the several potential parents most suitable to us. We choose,… we intend,… we make decisions. If we have not decided to be born to our particular parents, we would not be born to them.



We have to be happy 'today'. We need today's meditation to be happy today. We need today's meditation to conduct today's business properly.  We need today's meditation, to be able to tackle today's problems successfully.



We have to become masters of our mind...the ability to still our mind is so very crucial. In that stillness of mind, our inner senses get activated and begin to throw light on aspects of our personal invisible greater reality, plus the impersonal cosmic reality.



We have to come out of our verbal-level activity, our mind-level activity, and our intellect-level activity, into pure consciousness… that is meditation.



We have to desist from what we shouldn't do. Otherwise we reap what we do not want to.



We have to leave the shores of prayer to enter the shores of meditation. People ask 'can we do both the things at the same time ?' How can we do it ? How can we put one foot in America and the other foot in India at the same time ?



We rise through the strength and singularity of our intents. Or, we fall through the weakness or vagueness of our intents. We move ahead through our decisions, or we lag behind our wavering mind.



We sit quietly for one hour or two hours. We are deep into meditation… into a thought-free zone of the mind. Oh, What a wonderful thing meditation is. It has to be experienced. It has to be tasted.



We took birth in this particular body, because we wanted to be born in this particular body… in this particular time …to this particular parents.



"Meditation is an unending JOY. Meditation Spreading is an unending WORK "



"Spirituality is living with reality, not running away from it."



When we are with our breath energy, we empty our mind to let the cosmic energy flow in.



We should only learn lessons on methods, morals and strategies from [mythological] stories.



Be a Spiritual Scientist and become Intelligent.



Life is to earn Art, Heart & Intelligence.



To realize our own body we look into the mirror…

To realize our own soul and self we do meditation…



Only a great meditator can understand a Jesus Christ 

Only a great meditator can understand a Gautama Buddha 

You cannot go to a Buddhist temple and understand Gautama Buddha 

You cannot go to a Church and understand Jesus Christ 

You go within yourselves, Activate your Third Eye, then only you will understand Gautama Buddha or Jesus Christ 



No Judgements

No Explanations

Jump from one action to another action

Fly from one experience to another experience

Judgements and Explanations deplete the Life Force

Actions and Experiences enrich the Life Force



Meditation is an unending JOY. Meditation Spreading is an unending WORK



Spirituality is living with reality, not running away from it.



We should only learn lessons on methods, morals and strategies from [mythological] stories.



Be a Spiritual Scientist and become Intelligent.



Life is to earn Art, Heart & Intelligence.



We are responsible citizens of COSMOS. We are responsible GODS.



When you think that you are a Physical body, the paradise is lost. When you understand that you are a SOUL, the paradise is regain.



Man is essentially two things: A Small personal SELF & a huge impersonal SELF. And, man has to take care of both the ‘SELVES’.



" Whatever we receive is Information, whatever we preserve is Knowledge, whatever we use is Wisdom & how we use it is our Intellect. "



" We're not MATTER. We're ENERGY BALL, My dear FRIENDS. "



Before meditation we're all energy-poor soul entities and after meditation we all become energy-rich soul entities.



Health is Wealth, Friendship is Wealth, Wealth is not Wealth



" BIRTH is an entry into, and DEATH is an exit from... a particular biological system. BIRTH is a DIP IN and DEATH a COME OUT "



" SPIRITUALITY is living with REALITY, not running away from it ."



" We're not the biological system that we see in the MIRROR... We're the Energy- Wisdom- Consciousness system. "



We all have our personal problems. However, our personal problems are to be solved by applying our own meditational strength.



" Wisdom is distilled experience. The more we shirk experience, the farther we are from  wisdom "



" Spiritual Health is the ROOT

     Physical Health is the FRUIT "



We have to desist from what we shouldn't do. Otherwise we reap what we do not want to



We’r cosmic beings living temporarily in the human body. We’ve had no beginning & we’ll have no end. Our true nature is beyond our own wildest imagination. And, we’ve lost that paradise. And, we’ve to regain that paradise.



When we do Meditation, we’ve so many experiences… Astral travel experiences... Energy movements… Past-life visions… Clairaudience experiences etc., etc. Whatever the experiences, we’ve to share all of them… instantly… with our co-meditators



Meditation increases our energy quotient & converts us into ENERGY INTENSIVE BEINGS. With every Meditation bout, we take a quantum leap in our energy resources. More no.of meditation sessions per day means more quantum jumps.



A human being ought to question everything. Out of the ‘questioning process’, comes the ‘experimenting process’ & from it comes the ‘understanding process’ & from it comes the ‘discovery process’ & the ‘development process’.



If a given mind is incessantly wasting its mental energy, the given physical body naturally becomes depleted of physical energy. As a result, the body becomes susceptible to attacks by various bacteria & viruses… and the result is a diseased body.



Meditation is a universal science: Science of making the mind empty & energizing the soul. More you do Meditation, more stable your life will be… (Physically, Mentally, Emotionally & Spiritually).



There are 3 deaths. First one is CORPSE, the physical death. Second one is SCOOP, the astral death & final one is causal death, from there we’r promoted to SUPRACAUSAL WORLDS, happens when one is ENLIGHTENED only .



When an old soul transcends, it is called as arihant. When it goes back / comes back as a helper of mankind as spiritual teacher, it is called as the bodhisattva. After completing a number of teaching assignments, finally as a perfect master the last life is lived. It then goes onto become an overself, this stage is called as Buddha hood.



Spirituality is imperative in understanding this most important fact that the ‘self is never annihilated, even as the physical body perishes’.



MEDITATION transforms us into Energy Intensive Beings, Tranquil Beings & Wise Beings.



We all want to be young & forever youthful. The secret of youthfulness is an ever-present. The secret of youthfulness is a mature spiritual mind. The secret of youthfulness is a serviceful soul.



If you don’t have buddhi… You’r in DARKNESS. If you’ve buddhi… You’r in LIGHT



The cause of disease in the body is... ever… the mind losing its energy. Haphazard mind, a jungle like mind, is the actual source of all disease.



The purpose of life for any person, is to life the whole life totally calmly, totally comfortably, totally passionately, totally compassionately, with full awareness and with full knowledge.



A human being is not a being restricted to the human body. A human being is a cosmic being with wings spread-out throughout the cosmos, living in several parallel universes simultaneously .



Every human being is required to realize its own cosmic nature, its cosmic dimensions... through application of true spirituo-scientific temper.



Become a champion of the true spirituo-scientific temper by going into meditation.



Spirituo-Scientific Temper demands that we spend four to five hours everyday with our own selves, closing our eyes and observing our breath!



Spirituo-Scientific Temper has to be inculcated right from childhood, so that every child grows as a beautiful human being, a harmless human being, a harmonious human being, a divine human being, a socially responsible human being.



Go into deep meditation to find out one’s own BEYOND-THE-NORMAL-TRUTH, through personal experience.



The new Spirituo-Scientific Temper calls for meditation on the part of every human being. It is the inner meditation which is the urgent demand of the New Age.



Spirituo-Scientific Temper has to be applied in all the human equations. If it is not done, then unwanted suffering is the result unnecessarily… sorrow is the result… degradation is the result… and war is the result .



This is the new Spirituo-Scientific Temper… which means to understand one’s own self, not to eat unkindly & not to interfere in others’ affairs unnecessarily.



We are not these physical bodies… we are beautiful, eternal specks of consciousness.



Meditation is the main tool of the Spirituo-Scientific Temper. Unless one makes one’s own mind empty, the ABSOLUTE TRUTH cannot be seen. The mind is the coloring agent of human being.



The mind creates illusions, which it wants to see. Unless we clear all the debris of the mind & unless we make the mind empty. We cannot see the ABSOLUTE TRUTH, which exists as it is. The purpose of Spirituo-Scientific Temper is to see the WHOLISTIC TRUTH as it is, Not as our mind wants to see.



The crux of the matter is to resist the routine wanderings of the mind. Worldly thoughts should be cut right away, as and when they keep arising. A thought-free mind is the goal.



God is not a person . God is the fundamental substratum-consciousness. We are all gods. Everything is God. We only have to realise this and evolve.



There is no ‘outside’ god . The power of thought is the power of god .



Death would only become the death of a particular experience in a physical system. The Energy-Knowledge-Consciousness Entity which got itself integrated with a physical system, thus far, gets separated and goes on its own grand onward journey into various other frequency universes. That is Death.

Patriji Quotes

All the body-mind human beings must become body-mind-soul beings! Humanity has to take this quantum jump ! This is where the science of meditation chips in!
- Brahmarshi Patriji
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